Richie Wyss


Richard Wyss, PhD, MsC, is an Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Associate Epidemiologist in the Division of Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His research lies at the intersection of health informatics, pharmacoepidemiology, and healthcare data science. His research focuses on developing robust health analytic tools for evaluating the comparative effectiveness and safety of pharmaceutical drugs using administrative healthcare databases. More recently, his research has become tailored to advancing semi-automated tools for generating evidence from healthcare databases on the effectiveness and safety of newly marketed medical products in population subgroups that are underrepresented in randomized clinical trials. Specifically, his work has focused on building semi-automated approaches for high-dimensional variable generation and targeted variable selection for proxy confounder adjustment to improve confounding control in healthcare database studies when evaluating drug effectiveness during the early periods of post-market approval. He completed my PhD in epidemiology at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and his BS and MSc degrees in statistics at Brigham Young University.