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Pharmacoepidemiology Toolbox including High-dimensional Propensity Score (hd-PS) Adjustment version 2

*Notification – There are restricted circumstances where the nearest neighbor macro does not identify all matches within caliper (e.g. when the cohort size is large and the c-statistic is low with few unique propensity score values). This issue will be corrected in the next version update. Until the next version is released, a workaround would be to re-run the macro on remaining unmatched patients until no more matches are found.

Combined Comorbidity Score for Claims Data

Gagne JJ, Glynn RJ, Avorn J, Levin R, Schneeweiss S. A combined comorbidity score predicted mortality in elderly patients better than existing scores.Journal of Clinical Epidemiology 2011;64(7):749-59.

Sun JW, Rogers JR, Her Q, Welch EC, Panozzo CA, Toh S, Gagne JJ. Adaptation and Validation of the Combined Comorbidity Score for ICD-10-CM. Medical Care. 2017 Dec 1;55(12):1046-51.
Table of ICD-10-CM codes (.doc)

Sensitivity Analysis
Clustered Permutation Test
Clustered Logrank Test

Episheet by Ken Rothman (.xls format) – Spreadsheets for the Analysis of Epidemiologic Data

Causal Contrasts
British Columbia Chart Insert Pilot Study (BC ChIPS)
Maternal Comorbidity Index

Maternal Comorbidity Index Code

Plasmode simulation framework
Disease risk score matching in nested case control studies
Propensity score fine stratification
Disease risk score calculation from Cox model
Removal of Ineligible Cases

Removal of Ineligible Cases Worksheet (.xls format)

Claims-based Frailty Index
A Medicare claims-based model for ejection fraction class prediction in heart failure
Pediatric comorbidity index
A Prediction Model to Identify Patients with High Electronic Health Data Completeness
Merola D, Schneeweiss S, Jin Y, Lii J, Lin KJ. Advancing an algorithm for the identification of patients with high data-continuity in electronic health records. Clinical Epidemiology 2022 2022 Nov 8;14:1339-1349. PMID:     36387928