Decision Support Tools for Patients with
High Blood Pressure

The following brochure and poster were developed as a result of a Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute pilot study led by Dr. Jennifer Polinski titled, “Developing and testing a decision support tool for primary medication adherence.” The brochure is intended for use during the clinical visit or during a prescription pick-up at the pharmacy.  It is hoped that using the brochure will facilitate a conversation between provider and patient about treatment options and will assist in identifying the option(s) that best suit the patient’s circumstances.  The poster is designed for display in the medical clinic or retail pharmacy, where it may spark patient interest and introduce the discussion regarding treatment options for high blood pressure. Please be advised that the brochure and poster resources are currently undergoing empirical testing and may be subject to change.

Decision Support Tool for High Blood Pressure: Brochure

Decision Support Tool for High Blood Pressure: Poster