Harvard Medical School Scholars in Medicine

The Division has a long track record hosting Harvard Medical School students in mentored research activities, from shorter-term summer projects to longer-term (6-12 months) research internships.  With Harvard Medical School now requiring all students to pursue longitudinal, mentored scholarly projects, students’ collaborations with Division faculty on projects of joint interest have increased.  In recent years, medical students have worked closely with faculty mentors on topics related to comparative effectiveness, drug and device policy, pharmacoepidemiology and the law, decision science, cost-effectiveness analysis, and clinical pharmacy, leading to publications in New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Archives of Internal Medicine, PLoS Medicine, and more. Students interested in working with Division faculty in any area are encouraged to contact members of the faculty directly.

Once a plan has been finalized with a faculty mentor, a student must be officially registered with BWH in order to join the Division; details on this process can be found here.